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  • New Michelin Primacy SUV tyre launched in Malaysia

    Version 2

    A new tyre has been officially launched in the market, one made especially for sport utility vehicles (SUV) and pick-up trucks. Dubbed the Michelin Primacy SUV tyre, it was developed exclusively for Asia Pacific roads and its weather conditions. The tyres are for on-road use.

    Compared to previous-gen Michelin tyres, the Primacy SUV is claimed to have improved safety performance – shorter braking distance of 2.2 metres on wet roads and improved grip during wet cornering by as much as 6%. In dry conditions, it offers a shorter braking distance of 1.9 metres. Tests were done using a Honda CR-V 2.0 on 225/65 R17 tyres.

    Four key Michelin technologies are present, the first being Flexmax 2.0, a flexible tyre tread compound that adapts to the shape of the road. On top of that, it has a chamfered tread block that prevents tyre distortion under pressure.

    The next is Stabiligrip, which has “self-locking blocks” or smaller slits that accompany the larger grooves. This serves to reduce block deformation, improve handling and braking in dry conditions. In addition to that, the tread pattern and high sipe density breaks water film, while the wider, deeper grooves allow for better water evacuation, resulting in enhanced grip in the wet.

    As for tyre noise, the Primacy SUV features Evenpeak technology, which sees the tread blocks designed a little wider and in various patterns. With this, noise is spread across a wider frequency range, without peaks of noise to keep the tyre quieter all while maintaining handling and braking performance.

    Last but not least, Cushionguard technology is in effect when the flexible tread compound makes contact with the road. It integrates the flexible tread, shock absorbent sidewalls and a layer of noise-filtering rubber to soften vibrations and to give better absorption of bumps on the road.

    Distributed by Tyreplus outlets and Michelin’s authorised dealer network nationwide, the Primacy SUV tyre start from RM440. Sizes range from 16- to 18-inches.

  • Wald previews Sports Line kit for 2016 Toyota Prius


    Impressed by the fuel-saving and eco-friendly tech of the new 2016 Toyota Prius but not into the strange new looks? Japanese tuner Wald attempts to give the fourth-gen hybrid a dash of sporty flavour via a Sports Line kit, previewed by this single image.

    The Prius press kit has a sub-header reading “Easy on the Eyes” but none of us in this office agree with that; from the looks of it, not many of you do too, but this is better. Wald’s Sports Line car is pictured here in the same Hypersonic Red hero colour as the launch car, but it sits lower to the ground, wearing big turbine-style alloys. The standard car doesn’t look underwheeled or lanky, but Wald takes things further.

    The lower bumper is stock, but extensions include a protruding chin and a silver lip, painted in silver. Side skirts match the beefed-up bumper. Hopefully, all these doesn’t negatively affect the Prius’ optimised aerodynamics. Read more about the all-new Prius here.

  • Don’t DASH yet – Selangor says it hasn’t said yes


    Yesterday, it was reported that the Damansara-Shah Alam Elevated Expressway (DASH) had been given the official go-ahead by the Selangor state government, and that construction of the highway was expected to start by mid-2016, with completion in 2019.

    Now, it turns out that this isn’t the case – the Selangor government says that the project hasn’t quite received full approval, and that not all the alignments for the project had been green-lighted, The Malaysian Insider reports.

    Bukit Lanjan assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong told the publication that the Petaling Jaya alignment of the project had not yet been approved, and that only the DASH alignment at Shah Alam has been approved in the Shah Alam City Council Local Plan.

    “The DASH alignments in the amendments to the Petaling Jaya Draft Local Plan (RTPJ2), that is, up to the last interchange at the NKVE (New Klang Valley Expressway), underwent a public hearing process. We are still waiting for the panel to meet to discuss the findings. As such, to say that the state has approved DASH is incorrect,” she stated.

    Earlier, Kota Anggerik assemblyman Yaakob Sapari had said the Selangor government had approved the DASH project on all technical standpoints. Wong said Yaakob should have checked with the state government if any decisions had been made on DASH, the TMI report added. “Yaakob might not be aware of what is currently being discussed. He is more focused on the Shah Alam alignment, which has been approved,” she said.

    Previously removed from the PJ Local Plan 2 due to a realignment proposal, news of DASH’s approval first surfaced last week, when it was mentioned that the Works Ministry said the Selangor state government had given the green light for the construction of DASH as well as the Sungai Besi-Ulu Kelang Elevated Expressway (SUKE).

    The three-lane, dual carriageway project will run a 20.1 km-long route from the Puncak Perdana U10 Shah Alam intersection to the Penchala interchange at Mutiara Damansara.

  • SPYSHOTS: Renault “Grand Captur” prototype on test

    Renault Grand Captur (7)

    The image above is the Renault Captur, one of the best selling B-segment SUV in Europe. And below it is a new prototype Renault SUV snapped by our spy photographers.

    It looks pretty much like a slightly longer Captur – you can see that the space between the C and D pillars are longer, while everything before the C pillar looks identical to a regular Captur. We’re calling this the “Grand Captur” for now based on Renault nomenclature, since there’s a Scenic and a Grand Scenic.

    Will the larger space be used for a third row of seats, or are we just looking at an “estate” Captur that’s been given more boot space? More details will probably be revealed later as this prototype continues testing – it will probably drop some of that thick camo on its rear.

  • New BMW X1 teased, M’sia debut set for this weekend


    Revealed to the world back in June, it looks like its time for the second-generation BMW X1 to make its local debut, as BMW Malaysia begins a teaser campaign for the compact SUV, inviting members of the public to check out the car for yourselves this weekend.

    The first public appearance of the new F48 BMW X1 will take place at the Quad @ TREC, a specially built-up area to host outdoor activities along Jalan Tun Razak, located between Zouk and Electric Boulevard. And as mentioned, the new X1 SUV will be showcased there on October 10 and 11.

    The two teaser images don’t reveal too much of the car, apart from SUV’s new front end design, where the new headlamps and repositioned (lowered) fog lamps are apparent. Look closely, and you can also see the top of the new front bumper that was introduced on the compact SUV.


    The second-gen BMW X1 is also the brand’s third model to be underpinned by the new UKL 1 architecture, a front-wheel drive platform that’s common to the RM219k 2 Series Active Tourer and the RM280k 2 Series Gran Tourer. In short, the new X1’s underpinnings also offers a taller ride, more interior spaciousness, and improved ride comfort.

    This also means that for the first time, the compact BMW SUV can be had as a front-wheel drive model, should you opt against having the xDrive all-wheel drive system. This will of course depend on BMW Malaysia’s choice specifications for our market.

    As discovered during our international test drive of the new X1, the SUV’s exterior design is what we’d consider to be far more appealing than its predecessor, offering a bolder yet more youthful approach in design, without sacrificing the purposefulness and stature of a true SUV.

    We also know that the interior of the car has been vastly improved in comparison with what the previous model had to offer. As we discovered in Munich, there’s a barrage of new high-quality materials to be found, not to mention the slightly redesigned layout of the dash and availability of new trim and upholstery colour options.

    Again, as much as we can and have already told you about the new X1, all that you’ll be able to look forward to this week onwards depends on how BMW Malaysia chooses to specify its local line-up for our market. What we can tell you is that this is one properly handsome compact SUV, and is expected to give the Mercedes-Benz GLA a good run for its money.

    Currently, BMW Malaysia offers just two variants of the first-generation X1 for sale here, with prices starting from RM237,800 for the sDrive20i, and RM267,800 for the xDrive20d.

  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) – KL-Klang line ready by 2018


    In June, news emerged about a proposal to build a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line to link Kuala Lumpur to Klang. The system, which was reportedly approved by the Cabinet, will be similar to the BRT Sunway Line in that it will employ all-electric buses, but the key difference is that, unlike the Sunway Line, the buses will run at ground level.

    Now, The Star reports that the project will get underway next year, and is expected to be completed by 2018. The plan will see the line run along the Federal Highway, running in the middle on dedicated lanes. The KL-Klang BRT line will be 34 km long and will have 25 stations along the route.

    It’s anticipated that construction will begin in the third quarter of 2016, and the roads along Federal Route 2 will be widened first to accommodate the new bus lane/s, according to the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD).


    “We will widen the highway before taking a lane for the BRT line,” the commission’s BRT division manager, Norlela Osman, told reporters. Both road widening and BRT construction are slated to be carried out at the same time.

    About 80% of the KL-Klang BRT line will offer some form of connection with the LRT as well as KTM Komuter rail lines, and all the stops on the route will be linked to other bus services, Norlela added. No details on fares were presented, but rates shouldn’t veer too far away from the BRT fare structure revealed by the commission in July.

    Earlier reports had indicated that the project, expected to cost around RM1 billion, will have an estimated daily ridership of 600,000 commuters. Currently, around 213,000 people reportedly take buses from KL to Klang everyday, and a bus ride from KL to Klang takes about 70 minutes. The BRT will cut down travel time considerably, with a journey expected to take around 40 minutes, SPAD says.

  • Roadworks along Tuanku Abdul Halim (Duta) tunnel to cause further traffic delays with sinking roads

    #Kkltu 0955 DBKL has just confirmed that the repair works approaching the Duta Tunnel is super urgent, as part of the…

    Posted by Star Radio Traffic on Monday, 5 October 2015

    Take heed, road users, especially those of you who commute along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim (formerly known as Jalan Duta) – these new images suggest that the area is due for some serious roadworks which will continue to affect surrounding traffic for some time to come.

    Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has confirmed that repair works approaching the “Duta tunnel” is considered “super urgent,” with the left lane there requiring immediate resurfacing, as reported by a Star Radio Traffic social media post.

    The pictures posted on social media show a heavily damaged section of the road, along with the ongoing works there with traffic getting by slowly.

    As such, traffic congestion is expected to persist particularly along the Jalan Istana highway itself, and several other surrounding areas as far out as the Syed Putra and Jalan Travers intersections, the KL-Seremban highway from the Sungai Besi toll, and the Kuchai Lama intersection from the New Pantai Expressway (NPE).

    As yet, no further reports have surfaced detailing DBKL’s action plans, but it is assumed that traffic delays may continue for the foreseeable future. Take note, plan your journeys ahead well, and drive safe.

  • Nissan Teatro for Dayz to debut at Tokyo Motor Show

    Nissan teatro for dayz 07

    Making its premier at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, will be the Teatro for Dayz, a car designed for the digital generation or “share natives.” According to Nissan, the concept EV is billed as a “giant mobile battery” made for the young social media generation. The Teatro name basically means “theatre” in Italian. While no exact travel range has been specified, Nissan says that the EV has an “ample driving range” for short commutes.

    Outside, the Teatro for Dayz comes in a squarish design. Furthermore, it receives Nissan’s signature V motion grille and headlamps. The exterior gets a combination satin white silver and full gloss white paint job. Down the front, it has a rounded bumper and roof, with wheels extended to the outer corners. Additionally, it comes fitted with LED screens around the car to enable “self expression” by its owners.

    Also onboard are cameras which can be found both in and outside of the vehicle. The purpose of the cameras are to allow drivers to “share experiences instantly.” According to Nissan, the Teatro for Dayz was designed for young people who have no interest in cars but whose lives require them to be connected.

    Inside is where the seemingly plain white interior of the Teatro for Dayz has the most appeal; it features solid white seats a futuristic steering wheel and two pedals – simplistic it seems, but not quite so. Called the “Future canvas” interior concept – part of Nissan’s “clean concept,” the seats, headrests, door trim and instrument panel is basically a “moving screen,” – all of which can be customised by the driver.

    In addition to that, the interior has voice control and motion sensors which control the air conditioning and audio systems, while there are no knobs and switches on the dashboard. When in drive mode, the meters, controls and car navigation is displayed on the white instrument panel – it goes blank when it is parked. Nissan also says that the interior allows for gaming together with top-quality sound.

  • Fiat Toro – South American pick-up truck isn’t a Triton

    fiat toro spy 01

    Fiat has a deal with Mitsubishi to sell an Italian-badged version of the latter’s Triton pick-up truck in place, but it seems like the Fiat Toro, officially teased last week, is not it.

    These pics were reportedly taken at the FCA Group’s Pernambuco factory in Brazil. They show a smaller pick-up truck, and with lines that aren’t very Triton. It appears to be a smaller utility vehicle that’s popular in the continent, like the recently revealed Renault Duster Oroch.

    Like that Duster with a bed, the Fiat Toro is said to be based on the Jeep Renegade (both Jeep and Fiat are stablemates under FCA of course), the small SUV built alongside platform-mate Fiat 500X. Word is that it will come with a 138 hp 1.8 litre petrol and a 170 hp 2.0 litre turbodiesel, with FWD and AWD options.

    The Fiat Toro has a very unusual face with a strip of slim headlamps and grille sitting above a large gaping mouth with foglamps to match. Or are those the truck’s actual headlamps? The dark green unit is a higher-spec example with fog lamps, chrome treatment and silver skid plates.

    The strange creature look continues at the back, which has a very tall tailgate that would be heavy to lower and lift. Fiat’s solution is barn-style doors like the Mini Clubman, last used on a truck in the early 2000s with the Lincoln Blackwood. The opening mechanism is under that massive Fiat logo. Renault’s Duster Oroch is much easier on the eye, for us.

    Renault Duster Oroch

  • VIDEO: New Range Rover Evoque Convertible off-road

    More teasing for the upcoming Range Rover Evoque Convertible. This time, the “world’s first luxury compact SUV convertible” is seen on video in the final stage of testing at Land Rover’s challenging all-terrain proving ground in Herefordshire, UK. It may be a convertible, but it’s still a Land Rover, the company must be trying to say.

    “Land Rover prides itself on being a class leader when it comes to all-terrain capability and the Evoque Convertible is no different. Thanks to a combination of innovative engineering and the application of advanced technologies, Evoque Convertible will deliver a dynamic and assured SUV experience that has been tested around the world. We call it ‘The Convertible for all Seasons’,” said Mike Cross, Land Rover chief engineer of vehicle integrity.

    LR confirmed plans to launch a topless derivative of its smash hit Evoque at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year. Launching in November and making its public debut at the Los Angeles International Auto Show, the Evoque Convertible will be on sale in the UK from spring 2016.

    We’ve so far seen the Evoque Convertible at the Nurburgring and in downtown London. Not long now.

    The regular 2016 Range Rover Evoque


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